Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shelby's Four

On July 17th, we celebrated Shelby turning four! She really likes American Girl. She got some clothes and accessories for her doll, Allie Kate. Shelby is such a joy at this age. We are so proud to call her our kind and loving daughter. She is so full of life and always smiling! We have enjoyed watching her grow!

Two of the sweetest kids we know! Shelby and big brother, Will.

 On July 28th, Shelby had a birthday party at a local gymnastics place. All of her friends and family were invited. We chose a Minnie Mouse themed party, partly because we're going to Disney this Fall! She and her friends had lots of fun playing together!


"Minnie Thanks" 
for making Shelby's 4th birthday so special!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


 We had a pre-Fourth of July cookout at our house tonight. It has been extremely hot these last few days. Today it was over 100 degrees!! Hot or not, it was a great evening for food, fun, and water activities. The kids played on the old slip 'n slide and tossed water balloons! Everyone had a great time.

Daddy got a new King KEG grill this week. He's having lots of fun with it. 
Mommy and the kids have enjoyed some wonderfully cooked meals :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Been A While!

It really is amazing how time flies.  It's been a year since I last updated our blog! It's been a busy life around here!  We are loving our new home. We've taken a few nice vacations. Will has enjoyed playing both soccer and t-ball. This was his first year in Cub Scouts. He had an awesome year in first grade. He excelled on his MAP testing, scoring 98 percentile in math, and 96 percentile in reading! He is amazing! We are very proud of him. Shelby is growing faster than I can blink. She finished a great year in three year old preschool. She really enjoyed going to school each day and meeting new friends. It is funny to hear people say she has a motherly nature to her. Always wanting to help others. She is so lovable. She is not involved in any sports just yet, but plans to take up soccer, gymnastics, and ballet this year.

In May, we celebrated Will turning seven! It was a great party! The kids had a wonderful time.

Last soccer game of the season!

Shelby's three year old preschool ceremony



 The prettiest princess pig!
  The greatest kid pig ever!
Enjoying one of his many presents!