Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beginning of the End

Our closing date is set to happen the 15th of September. There is still a lot of interior work that has to be done. It's no surprise to see 10-12 contractors working in the house at a time. It's a very busy place! I just can't see how in the world reality shows can flip a house in such short periods of time.

On Saturday, we spent most of our day cleaning basement floors. It was a lot of work! The basement will be our staging area for unloading boxes. We will begin taking boxes to the new house this week.

On Sunday, I started packing our things at the rental house. We are off to a great start. It's going to take a lot of effort and time to be ready in two weeks! Hope and pray we can make it happen. We are more than ready to move into our new home!

The following pictures were taken on Friday.

Great Room and Foyer

Dining Room


Master shower

We are very excited about the trim work. It was Blake's idea to change it up and do something completely different. I was nervous about it at first. I have come to love it!! They call is Shaker style.

I am very excited about the doors too. I was ready to do something different! I think they go well with our Shaker style trim work.

Louisville Zoo

On Monday, school was not in session and Daddy took a day off work. The four of us went to the Louisville Zoo. We saw all kinds of animals. It was certainly the perfect day. The weather was manageable and it was not crowded at all. We had a really nice time together!

How do you measure up to a full-grown gorilla??

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Soccer Time!

The fall season is under way. Will is enjoying soccer a lot more this time around. He is quite the player. He's learning to play the very well and keep up with the game. He scored more than 5 goals in his first game. We are very proud of him!


Shelby enjoys going to Will's soccer games. She has found a couple of play buddies, which is really nice for us. It gives us a chance to watch Bubby play! Now that Will is in school, she and I spend a lot more time together. She's learned to count to 13 and knows some of her ABC's. She can sing a few nursery rhymes and Jesus Loves Me. We sing several songs just before bedtime. It's her way of winding down. She loves to dress up and is learning to play more independently, especially now that Will is away at school. She played so hard the other day that she fell asleep on the couch. I guess a princess has to get her beauty sleep!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of K

Our son, Will, is growing fast. His first day of kindergarten went well. I had some camera issues that morning (no surprise there) and was not able to take pictures! We did have a working video camera though (thank goodness!). We ran into my sister that morning. She captured a picture of me and Will via her iPhone (technology has come a long way!).

I was able to get my camera working some the following day. Here are a few pictures of Will on his second day of school.

Will enjoys school for the most part. There have been a few meltdowns, and he's not wanted to go to school. I think all kids experience mixed feelings. I know I did. Once I left the school, he was fine. He himself told me he forgot about being sad a few minutes after I left. So I know he enjoys being there (just not when I'm around).

The other night he had me in tears. He said he missed being at home. I asked why he wanted to stay home. Through his tears he said, "I miss being with you Mommy." It broke my heart to him say it, and I felt bad for him. Although he has his mornings, he always comes home in a cheery mood. He's such a happy boy and I look forward to picking him up at school everyday!

This change in schedule is definitely going to take some time getting used to!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Starting K

Will's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow. Makes me sad to think my little boy is moving on and will be away from home all day (~sniff, sniff). I told him today I was going to be sad leaving him at school tomorrow. He said, "Don't worry Mommy, I'm coming back home. I'm just going to school." If he only knew how I really felt about letting him go to school. Just makes we want to stop time.

A week ago, Will attended Kindergarten Jump Start. He was so excited. The school seemed so big to him and so small to me. I remember feeling like that when I was in school. I attended the very same elementary many, many years ago! Everything seemed so big and I was fearful at times. Every child goes through it. I often wonder how he will feel on his first day of school. Two of his preschool friends are in the same class so I know he will like that! He is so outgoing and always enjoys meeting new friends. No one is ever a stranger to him. He is a super smart kid, and we are very thankful for him. During our visit last week, I stood by him as he wandered around the room. He read the posters on the wall. I don't recall seeing one thing he could not read! That just blows me away!! His teacher said the children should be at level 10 by the end of the year. I am very interested to know his current reading level!

Just this evening, I was looking back at some pictures of Will. He has changed so much over the years. I can hardly believe he came into our lives 5 years ago. Time goes by so quickly!

2005 - I remember the day he was born.
He was the sweetest baby boy.

Mr. Personality!

2006 - He and Daddy, Easter Sunday

2007 - Celebrating Will's 2nd Birthday

2007- One of his no so happy moments. Shame on
mommy for taking pictures during my nap time!

2008 - He's a big brother!

2008 - First Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

Learning to ride a toy gator!

2009 - Lexington Bluegrass Fair

2009 - Buzz and Bo Peep's Lost Sheep

2009 - First Day of 4 Year Old Preschool at LABC

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's a House!

The exterior of our house is very close to being finished. Just a few more things to be done. We are very pleased with how it turned out. The brick work is amazing. They are mudding the walls this week. If things continue to go as planned, we should be moving around the middle of September. Yeah!