Friday, March 26, 2010

One Sick Week

On Sunday after church the kids and I went to a birthday party KC's gymnastics. Everyone had a blast. Will and Shelby met several new friends. I think Will's favorite spot was the foam pit. Shelby got a kick out of everything! Little did I know this was the last of our energy for the rest of the week.

Just one day later Shelby got sick. I was totally caught off guard. This was her first virus ever. It was Monday night and she had just fallen fast asleep. About 30 minutes later I heard her crying like she had never cried before, practically screaming. I went straight to her room to see what was the matter. I found her vomiting all over herself and her bed (I should tell you this girl is devastated when she gets dirty. She gets so torn up about it. She will cry and cry until you console and tell her it is going to be alright). Her vomiting lasted for 3 straight hours. About 5 loads of laundry and 5 hours later, she and mommy were finally back asleep.

It was obvious this virus was contagious and someone else was bound to get it. It was inevitable! Unfortunately, on the night Shelby got sick, she and Will had taken a bath together. Had I known she was going to be sick, I would have bathed them separately. I had hoped and prayed neither Will nor I would get whatever it was Shelby had. Cleaning up after someone who is totally dependent on you is far from easy. I did all I could to keep the house sanitized. I went through an entire can of Lysol in less than 3 days!

It was Thursday morning around 5am that the early bird came into my room. Will loves getting up early. I let him sit on my bed and watch cartoons. I had just fallen back asleep, and then I heard the sound of someone vomiting. I had hoped it was a dream. YIKES!! I jumped out of bed and quickly carried Will into the bathroom. He had vomited all over himself and on my bed. Here I was again, washing loads and loads of laundry. At this point, I thought this week would never end! Thank goodness his vomiting only lasted a few minutes.

So here I was with two sick little children. Blake was away on business and there was no way we were leaving the house! I could not stomach taking two sick children to the doctor, particularly in their condition. I knew they would just tell me it's a virus and a virus has to run its course. I didn't want any of my family around as I knew they would get it too.

On Thursday morning Shelby had fever. I thought she might have an ear infection.
I then remembered her touching the side of her head a few days before. She acted as though it hurt to rest her head on my shoulder. Later that afternoon God came to my rescue! A family friend who is a doctor in town said he would stop by the house on his way home. Wow! Yes, you heard it right, he made a house call! These kinds of things are seen on the Little House on the Prairie. The doctor checked both Will and Shelby. He found infection in both of Shelby's ears. He was kind enough to call her in a prescription. I was so relieved.

It's now the end of a very long week. Will and Shelby seem to be doing much better. The virus is slowly moving out of Shelby's system, and Will seems to be in the clear. I somehow made it through the week with no illness, even after cleaning up all the yuck! However, I was very exhausted. Thank goodness Daddy returned home on Friday!

Even on her worst day, she still had a grin on her face! Is she precious or what??!!

Shelby loves bath time. More than you'll ever know!

Finally getting some hair

Shelby loves water. I wish you could see how excited she gets after I've lathered up her hair. She knows it's time to get water poured on her head.

Everyday I see how much she wants to be like Bubby. She insists on brushing her teeth herself. Here she stands watching herself closely in the mirror.

Turning the lights off and on seem to be a fun game. Notice how she's staring straight ahead! She is watching herself in the mirror again.

She's been picking through Bubby's hat drawer! Mommy's first thought was, "Is it bed time yet?"

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Wishes

The four of us traveled to Paducah this weekend to celebrate both Blake and Granny's birthday. Granny turned 88! It was so nice to see her lovely smile. I was glad to have captured it on camera. Here's to Blake and Great Granny! May you have many years of happiness and continued health!

Granny has brought many blessings to this family.
We thank God for her everyday! We love you Great Granny!

My sweet little helper decided she needed to help this nice lady.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Painting Party

Tonight a friend of mine hosted a "Painting Party". There was a room full of about 15-20 women all following this instructor. She guided us through step by step on what to do. We each painted a pear. It was a lot of fun. I felt like I was in high school again. Many of the girls were from my high school art class! It was funny to see we haven't changed a bit! We were all so particular about what it looked or didn't look like. We wanted our paintings to be perfect. Mine was not perfect by any means, but I guess I haven't lost all of my painting abilities. I guess going to this party was a good thing after all. One, I have a new painting to put into our new house. Secondly, I have painting fever! Maybe this will get me in the mood to get some more paintings done between now and when we move into our house. I'll let you know how that goes!

Shelley, Amy, Shelley, and Michelle

Let's Celebrate!

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday! It was Daddy's birthday. We had a nice evening together. First it was dinner at O'Charley's, then we came back to the house for presents and cake. The cake was delicious, but there was one thing to say about it. IT WAS REALLY BLUE!! Will insisted we get Daddy a UK cake. I granted his wish. We all looked like the smurfs! It sure was good though.

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Daddy.......
Happy birthday to you.
We love you Daddy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stakes in the Ground!

Our house plans are complete, and we have blueprints in hand!! What a great feeling!! It's hard to believe our old house went up for sale one year ago tomorrow. That seems so long ago. Time flies when you're spending it with the people you love. :)

Blake and our builder headed out to QR today and inserted stakes in the ground. It has been so nice there these last few days. We spent some time there today and over the weekend. Will and Shelby both had a great time. Will ventured around the property like I had never seen before. Our neighbor has four dogs, and not once did I see him get nervous around them. And they were with us the entire time. I think he's finally starting to adjust. Thank goodness for that. Daddy says you can't live in the country and not have a dog!

Here I am standing at the very back of our property.
Blake is standing right about where our house will be sitting.
I zoomed in a little so there's a lot you can't see.

Off they go! Will and Shelby are headed to the creek!

The stakes have all been set! The next step is to start moving dirt in about 4 weeks!

Playing on Mr. Scotty's trailor!

Hanging out by the creek

Oops! She was having so much fun she had to step in the creek and get wet!

House Plans

We made several adjustments to our floor plan.
Here is a before and after.