Friday, November 6, 2009

Slumber Parties

We've been in the mood for slumber parties this week!

On Tuesday, our friends Ashley and Grady stayed over at our house. Grady is around 5-6 weeks older than Shelby. They are good playmates. Will likes Grady too. He tells me he and Grady are cousins. We think Grady has a crush on Shelby. He used to call her "Shel-bug", but now he is able to say "Shelby". Ashley says he mentions her name at home a lot. He and Shelby gave each other a kiss the other night. After their sweet little kiss, Grady walked away to sit on the couch. Shelby followed him and continued giving him smooches in the air. It was the cutest thing ever!

On Thursday, the kids and I packed our things and headed to Aunt Heather's house for the evening. The kids were able to play for a little bit before heading to bed. The following morning, Coleman and Keenan had preschool so Will, Shelby, Mommy, and Aunt Heather spent some time at the mall. Heather and I were able to find some Christmas presents for the kids. I CANNOT believe Christmas is just around the corner. Where has all the time gone??!!

Two big reasons Mommy and Daddy are thankful
and so blessed! God is so good!

Coleman and Keenan made these pieces of artwork for Will and Shelby. I thought they were so sweet and had to share them. Coleman, Keenan, and Aunt Heather live in our old hometown. We miss being right there with them. I can imagine there being lots more slumber parties in the near future!

To: Will
From: Coleman

To: Shelby
From: Keenan

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Fun Continues

On Friday evening the kids and I went to IBC's fall festival. We met up with some friends at Chick-Fil-a, and then headed over to IBC for a great time. Will got to play in the bounce house, go down a really big slide, and then ride a pony. He and Shelby played a few games too. The place was packed! In the many years we've attended the festival, never before have there been that many people.

What a surprise! Will's friend Abbey was dressed as
Jessie (another character from Toy Story).

Shelby was so excited about the pony rides.
She screamed when I placed her on one though.
I guess she thought mommy was going to ride too!

Needless to say, she watched brother ride instead!

Our friend Grady dressed up as a penguin.

The best looking sheep I've ever seen!

Last night we went to IHCC's fall festival. Will played several games and got lots of candy. We stopped by to see Peepaw's resting place and then headed out to Aunt Cindy's house with all Will and Shelby's cousins. They all got to go trick 'r treating in her neighborhood. Will had a great time with his cousins while Mommy and Shelby handed out candy to trick 'r treaters.

Catching a big fish!

Airplane painted on his face.

Peepaw would have been proud to see the kids all dressed up!

All the kids dressed up at Aunt Cindy's house.
Lots of Toy Story
characters this year!