Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Princess and a Pirate

Princess Leia and Pirate Will made their debut tonight. We visited Calvary's Trunktastic. There were so many cute costumes this year. The kids had a nice time. We have our church fall festival to attend on Friday, and then it's off to trick or treat with their cousins on Saturday! Fall is so much fun!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last Several Weeks

The last several weeks have been crazy. We've had a lot going on. Just a small recap for you (haha!).

Will ended his third season of soccer. He is quite the player! We are so proud of him.

My sister and I took Shelby's two year old pictures at Waveland, a historic site located in Lexington. I have lots of great pictures and will post more at a later date.

Blake and I went on a dinner date to the grand opening of Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse. We saw a live performance of both he and his brother, John Michael Montgomery.

We moved into our house. I would say it is mostly decorated, but still needs some work. I have a handful of things to do before I consider us completely settled. We at least got all our boxes unpacked. Thanks to my mom for helping to make that happen! I haven't had a chance to take pictures of the inside yet. Hopefully I'll be able to do that in the next few days.

Shelby has shown a keen interest in the potty. She is potty training and doing very well. She has a potty seat that plays music each time she uses the potty. It's funny to see her facel light up when the music begins. We're so proud of her. I told myself I would never put a child in pull-ups ever again, but I didn't live by my word. Early on in her training, I would find diapers all over the house. Shelby was walking around the house diaperless! She was taking herself to the potty and leaving diapers where ever. I was not going to risk her making a big mess in our new house! Needless to say, this child is wearing pull-ups (for now, anyway)!

Will has had two school field trips (one to visit area businesses in downtown Danville, and another at Bi-Water Farms in Georgetown, KY).

About a year ago this time, we found a church home. We officially joined the church a few weeks ago. This picture was taken by IHCC.

Basically, our lives have been a little more than busy! We are happy and loving life together as a family in our new home. Will and Shelby are growing up so fast too!

We had our first overnight guests last weekend. Nana and Papa came in for a visit! We had a nice time and were so glad to see them. The six of us made a trip to Boyd Orchards in Versaille, and then had a nice dinner afterwards. Will and Shelby had a great time! On the following day, they were sad to see them leave.